Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Look what Libi can do!

Libi has added a new talent to her list of the amazing. She continues to make strides and we will be posting a video soon. You know we are so in awe of what we see the Lord doing in this little girl! We were at her Neurologist and she decided that she would take on the footstool and she conquered it! She has gained the strength to sit for long periods of time and she quite enjoys herself. She mastered this just over a week ago and we are stepping it up to the next level. We have begun working on moving into standing from the sitting position. She is doing very well and needs minimal assistance with this movement. Keep praising and praying! (This was not a dress she was wearing in the dead of winter...we were waiting to see the Dr....I know my mom will be concerned about her being cold. :))


  1. She looks amazing, Amy. What a young lady! I know the Lord has great things planned for Miss Libi.

  2. Oh I could eat her up! These pictures are precious! YOu can just see in her face how delighted she is with her new feat. :) I have plenty of footstools at my house. Send Miss Libi over to play ANY time!! Love you all!