Tuesday, December 7, 2010

GOTCHA day fun...

As we celebrated the one year anniversary today of Haddie's GOTCHA day, (see post below) I took Haddie to adopt a baby of her own. We have a darling place here that does baby adoptions and it exceeded my expectations! We had a wonderful day celebrating adoption. Haddie thoroughly enjoyed every moment, and honestly, so did I. I am hoping to get my doll for Christmas...really...this little Asian baby stole my heart. That shouldn't surprise anyone. Enjoy the pics!

Look at all these sweet babies who need a mommy!
Could our smiles be any bigger?

Haddie's choice...the absolute happiest baby in the nursery!

Mommies choice! Love that baby! Who can blame me?

Haddie likes hers better and I think she made the perfect choice for her!

New mommy!

Sweet friends!
It was Chloe's 10th birthday! She and Haddie share special days!
Happy Birthday Chloe!

She really wanted a baby that took a pacifier.
Happy mama! Happy baby!

Signing her name, stating that she would love and care for her baby.

Look at what a natural she is! Allie Hope Arnold

Learning about "tummy time"

New mama!
Congratulations, Haddie! She's beautiful just like you!

Allie's first outing to McDonald's...just like her mama on her adoption day!

Monday, December 6, 2010

one year ago...GOTCHA!

Dear Haddie Hope Jia,

One year ago today God delivered a great gift to my life, and that was you. It was a very cold day in Zhengzhou, Henan, P.R. China. I remember climbing the stairs to the Civil Affairs office where you were waiting to meet your new family. I was scared and excited all at the same time. I wondered what you would think of us. As soon as I walked though the door I saw you. You seemed happy, but a little shy at first. You were holding the book of family pictures I had made for you. You began pointing out each of us in your book and saying our names. Libi seemed to be the one you were most excited about. I was the one you were least excited about. Isn't it funny to think about that day? We didn't know each other yet.

We took you to lunch at McDonald's. You were very excited about that. When you saw the picture menu you wanted everything! And you know what?... you had about everything! You ate a lot and seemed to like it all. I wasn't sure though, because we didn't know each other yet.

After lunch we took you back to the hotel room and played with some balloons and stuff. You had just said goodbye to everything that you had ever known and now everything was new and strange. I wondered if you were scared inside. I wasn't sure if you would want to change out of the clothes you came in, because we didn't know each other yet,
BUT... when you saw the beautiful red princess nightgown I had brought for you to wear you were excited. As I began to take your clothes off we were laughing because you had a lot of clothes on! It was so cold that you had a lot of layers of clothing to keep you warm. In fact, you had 4 layers of clothes! We just kept peeling them off one by one and laughing. I was watching your face to see if you were getting scared or frustrated, because we didn't know each other yet.
After your bath, when you were all ready, you were so happy. You felt so pretty, and we kept telling you over and over in Chinese. (piao liang) You hugged everyone goodnight and we went to bed. You and I shared a bed and you looked into my eyes until you went to sleep. It seemed like maybe you were a little scared, but I wasn't sure; we didn't know each other yet.

Our time in China was crazy. We came home and it was still crazy. I was so happy to have you home for Christmas, but we didn't know each other yet.

So, sweet girl, here we are one year later and I am crazy about you! You are a joy, a true delight! You are so smart...you have learned so much this year. You have learned to understand, speak, read, and write English! You are such a beautiful girl, and you were created to be my daughter. You know how I know?

Because... NOW I KNOW YOU!

I love you!
Happy One Year Home!