Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Visions of a 9 year old

(We have a whole lot of Hello Kitty going on in our house!)

Our Happy Haddie Hope turned 9!

She embraced this birthday with all the joy and happiness I think a child possibly could. Her confidence and happy disposition would shame most of us. Not a day goes by without her doing something that causes me to burst out in spontaneous laughter. Many times I am told by others that they have never seen a happier child than Haddie. I really have to agree.

What brings this happiness to her life? If you ask Haddie, it is the gift of a family.

A family.

Though, we are not the true gift that has caused this child to radiate with sheer joy. That wouldn't be possible, because we are too messed up! It is solely the adoptive love of a perfect Father God that was lavished, not just on Haddie, but on each of us, that gives reason to Haddie's happiness. Knowing that to be true, it causes some moments of self examination, because I allow so many things to enter in and interrupt the joy filled life that is mine in Jesus.

Happy Haddie..."our" Little Miss Sunshine. I want her to remember this RARE glorious 10th day of January, her birthday. It was unseasonably warm (55 degrees), and the sun was shining so bright! This day was a perfect representation of the rare gift of sunshine that she is to all of us.

I love you, sweet girl! I am so thankful God chose me to be your forever mama!

Seriously, riding her coat...on January 10th in Illinois!!!

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