Thursday, February 28, 2013

1 down...4 to go!

From the moment Maggie entered the hospital yesterday, she was commanding attention. She quickly made a new friend, Jerry who drove the transport vehicle to our destination in the hospital. We now refer to this as Maggie's chariot. After encountering several people, 2 of which called her princess, she was growing quite comfortable with her royal status; evidence beaming on her face. I was concerned she may begin to command to her subjects, who had so quickly placed her on the throne, and I was fully prepared to remind her who the queen was if necessary. The nurse who did her initial intake did a wonderful job explaining things to Maggie. Suddenly, the registration nurse bounded through the door with a new stuffed pink puppy to love on. She was quite taken with it!

Just after waking up...

More kissing up please!!! The girl was being showered with stickers!!!!

Being spoon fed jello, because the IV hurt when she dipped her spoon into the jello cup. Serious, she is such a princess, and I love it! So is her mama!

Ready to head home...and ALL praise to God!!!!!!
No vomiting!!!!! It was truly miraculous for this girl!
Thank you for praying!!!

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  1. So glad the surgery was a sucess and I pray for an easy recovery.