Saturday, September 3, 2011

Last Chance to enter the iPad raffle...

Hey everyone...just a reminder that the raffle for the iPad ends on Tuesday, September 6th, Maggie's 8th birthday!

We are blessed by all who have joined in our efforts!

Please help us spread the word as we continue on in our journey to our sweet daughter. Bless you!

Here are a few snapshots from our Garage Sale this weekend. We were blessed by many things along the way...

*the many donations dropped at our door by so many generous hearts!

*the extra $'s given by way of dear friends who journey through the deep waters with us, and by strangers who don't even know our name

*the people moved by God's heart for the orphan

*the many hands who helped us to organize, prepare, and sell

It was an overwhelming weekend, and we were reminded once again that trusting God to provide for every need brings great blessing!

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  1. wish I lived closer- I would have stopped by your garage sale- hope all is going well- God will provide all you need to get that little girl into your arms! God bless you all!