Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Time to catch up...

As the paperwork process for Maggie goes "painfully" slow, there are many memories being made.

Our Little Miss Haddie (Happy) was a featured artist at a benefit to raise funds for Easter Seals. Haddie has received services at Easter Seals for speech since she came home. This organization has been key in helping both of our girls reach their full potential. As the auction on her artwork began and the microphone was handed her way she told the audience to..."Show me the money!" This girl can truly light up the room!
(The painting is called "My Backyard" was done with her feet)
At one point the auctioneer pleading with the audience to push the bidding higher, said, "Come on folks, this she's been through a lot." If he and those who sat in that room only took a moment to really think about the truth in that statement. Only God fully knows all that Haddie Hope has been through. I think we would all be amazed at the happy girl that has been birthed out of such sadness, and the HOPE out of hopelessness!

The same weekend my precious grandma turned 90! This lady is quite an amazing gal. She has influenced my life in significant ways, and I was so blessed at the opportunity to celebrate her and my love for her!

(No...Libi did not lose the fight!)

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