Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Update

Christmas Light Cruising
Christmas Claus
This Santa smells like beef and cheese....
Libi had a great Christmas party at school. Unfortunately, Santa couldn't make it and sent an elf...let's just say Libi was onto him. Libi also brought an extra special GIFT home from school for Christmas, but you will have to wait until the end to see what it was.
Christmas Birthdays
Christmas Joke
Christmas Massacre
Christmas Love
Christmas Cookies
Christmas Cousins
Christmas Cuddle
Christmas Cuties
Lazy Christmas
Cornerstone Christian Christmas Coat
Rockin' Christmas
Head Lice Christmas!!!

Yes, for the first time ever head lice is making it's debut in the Arnold house. Libi is the only one infected so far, and we are praying it stays this way. She is pictured above having a home remedy treatment of olive oil. Treating Libi for lice is like wrestling a greased pig, with the olive oil, it is seriously almost literally like it! My dad suggested buying her a pet monkey to do the nit picking.
Is that where the expression "nit picky" comes from???
Are you sympathy itching???

Hope your Christmas was as blessed as ours...
minus the lice!

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