Wednesday, December 7, 2011

2 years ago...



It was two years ago this very day that our sweet Haddie Hope was birthed into our arms. This is one of those days that causes me to look back and reflect. Haddie was so thrilled to have a family, but not too thrilled with her new mama. Within the first minutes she smacked me in the face. That makes me laugh now, but when it happened it broke my heart in a way that is hard to describe.

Knowing Haddie as I do now, I have never seen her be aggressive in any other situation, and it is clear to me she was acting out of all that she was feeling. One thing she has expressed over and over is that when she came home she knew she was safe. To me, that indicates in China she struggled to feel safe. I have seen her grow through fear and insecurity in amazing ways, but the One thing that has brought the greatest healing to my little girl is the love of the One who can heal her far beyond the love and security of a family, Jesus. Haddie knows Jesus. She had never heard of Him, or God the Father before she knew us. We were part of that bridge for her. In a conversation three weeks ago she said to me, "Jesus healed my China hurts, Mommy." Enough said.

Last night I held Haddie on the couch and was forever ruined by what took place. We were watching one of those cheesy Lifetime Christmas movies, which is one of my favorite things about Christmas, but that is beside the point. This particular movie, "The Three Gifts", was the story of three older boys who lived in an orphanage. These boys were around the age of ten, and they express their desire for a family. The boys also expressed that being 10 years old is like 100 in orphan years. Of course, being a Lifetime Christmas movie, by the end these boys are adopted by a family. As we watched these boys have the deepest longing of their hearts fulfilled, my daughter wiped tears from her eyes. Do you know why? Because she lived that. She knew the desire, she knew the joy and completeness that adoption brings to a child who has longed, wondered, waited, hoped and prayed...

Older children wait....
they wait year, after year, after year...
Could you adopt an older child?
Could you be their bridge to Jesus?
I leave you with one more before and after picture to ponder...

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  1. Oh my word, Amy! ~ I have tears in my eyes {and my heart} for what your little girl went through. I remember your journey well. I followed it as we waited to travel to ND for Khloe. My heart broke as I read all that she was going through (and putting her new mama through!) but in hindsight, it is all so understandable now, isn't it!?! Oh the JOY that exhumes from her sweet smile now. The security and love is written all over her face. PTL for restoration and healing through the miracle of adoption. Have you ever thought about writing for an adoption blog that reaches many? I would love to put you in touch with my friend Kelly from "We are Grafted In" or Stefanie from "No Hands But Ours" ...they are always looking for guest posters and new stories, and I think this would reach so many, and hopefully plant some seeds in their hearts!

    I'm SO glad to see that bright smile on Haddie's sweet face and the light of Jesus that shines out from her!!

    God bless! <><