Saturday, April 28, 2012

Birthday Princess

Birthday Princess!
Libi Faith Turned 6 years old today and it is hard to put into words all I feel about this day. Libi's birthday reminds me of how precious life is. We celebrate another year with her, of milestones reached, and lessons learned. The Giver of life gave us a gift beyond measure in this precious little princess! Thank you for your goodness to us God!!
At her school birthday party with her big brother and biggest fan, Joel

Seriously, what a precious girl! Look at those lips!! 
The Double Portion!

Yes...we had some serious princess going on at the house!
Yes, the inner princess was coming out of ALL of us!
I wish our sweet Maggie Grace was in this picture with us!

 Of course the birthday kisses were abundant!!

Prince Charming already came...his name is Daddy!


It turned out to be a birthday party of sisters...not just ANY sisters, but sisters by way of adoption, yet not by CHANCE!

Libi Faith and Haddie Hope adopted from China

Kenzie Faith and Kella Hope
                   adopted from Guatemala

Laynie Grace and Malea Grace adopted from Korea

Hannah Hope and Olivia Joy adopted from China

I believe these girls have found Prince Charming!

Best Big Sister EVER!

Precious Princesses!!!

MORE birthday kisses!!! Never enough!

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