Monday, June 4, 2012

Finding the words on the other side of a MIRACLE

Do not even try to tell me that miracles do not happen. Especially don't try to tell me that God does not perform them. I believe we see miracles every day. From the beauty of the sunrise to the glory of a sunset, we behold the miraculous in so many moments of each day. Yesterday just happened to deliver such a miracle moment.

Libi had been battling a mysterious rash this week. It is not out of the ordinary for her to present with symptoms that can cause a doctor to scratch his head in wonder. Most of the time Libi can press through illness without seizure activity, unless the illness is respiratory.

Well, this was one of those rare times when the illness got the best of her and a seizure hit hard. A typical seizure for Libi will last anywhere from 10-15 minutes. This one came on and lasted about an hour and a half. Now, I can fare through the 10-15 minuters pretty well, but when she begins to hit the 45 minute mark I am crying out to my God with a whole new level of desperation.

After 45 minutes of Libi seizing conversations of sending her to a local children's hospital began. The clock ticked away the minutes as I stood by my daughters side helpless and powerless, yet knowing the One who was her help and held ALL power was holding us both. Another 30 minutes passed and it seemed that her body was trying to pull out of the seizure. We patiently waited and another 15 minutes passed by, she began to cough and her body was finally at rest.

All was well.

Libi was groggy, but engaging a bit. The nurse took blood and started an IV, all with just one stick! That had NEVER happened before. The feeling of peace in those minutes was wonderful!

Libi began to snooze and Brad left to go get her a much desired hamburger. Our greatest fear after a seizure of that length, is that she will begin to seize again. Well, thankfully another seizure did not occur, but what did was extremely frightening! Libi's heart rate began to plummet. She was holding in the low 90's, and next thing we knew her pulse would not rise above 50. The nurse and I tried everything we could, and I noticed my baby girl was very pale. The doctor was called in and he looked at me and said, "Mom, she doesn't look good. We need to get her to Children's hospital." Fear gripped my gut, I prayed to my Father, and I quickly sent a text to our small group to specifically pray for Libi's heart rate.

Within 2 minutes this is what happened...

She opened her eyes, and a smile flooded across her face!

She SAT UP!!!!

Within 10 minutes she was eating a hamburger!!!!

 After a seizure, Libi will sleep for HOURS! It takes her a long time to become very responisive. The nurse and doctor were dumb founded!

He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed,
    miracles that cannot be counted. 
Job 5:9

They placed this bracelet on Libi that cautioned she was a "fall risk". I found it very funny that it was necessary to drape my daughter in caution tape, so she had it on today and she was sitting at a little toddler table playing while Haddie was in gymnastics class. Well she had enough of the sitting and playing and literally just STOOD TO HER FEET and decided to play STANDING! So, you say "fall risk", we say, NOT FOR LONG!!!


  1. Amazing. What a beautiful, beautiful miracle.

  2. Praise His holy name! We serve a mighty miracle making God...Thank you Lord.

  3. Wow! Praise God! Continuing tu o pray for this amazing girl!