Thursday, June 21, 2012

Happy Birthday to my little Ari Joy!

I woke up this morning with a precious little hispanic girl on my mind. Many of you remember our first and only foster placement. She was a spunky little girl with a killer personality that lured you in within seconds of meeting her. She defined the expression "You had me at hello."
My First Night with Ari
When Arianna was delivered to our front door, little did we know the life change we were about to experience. We celebrated 18 JOY filled months with her, before the Lord lifted her from our home. The last time I spoke with her on the phone was her 3rd birthday, 4 years ago. We sang happy birthday together and she said "I love you, mommy Amy". Our journey ended with much heartache, yet the heartache was necessary for what the Lord wanted to deliver next.

 Our Sweet walk of FAITH
 Our Glorious Gift of SUNSHINE

and of course, soon to be in our home and arms...

Our Precious Gift of Grace!

The loss of Ari Joy was, and still is, the most painful thing I have ever walked through. The grief is beyond anything I have ever experienced. I continue to learn that it is in the things that are most difficult, and at times painful, where we find the greatest joys and blessings of life in Christ. I have come to know the heart of my Father in more profound ways than I could have ever known. For that I am forever grateful!

I had no idea, but this was my last day with her...

Happy 7th birthday Arianna Joy! 
We love you very much and will forever carry you in our hearts!


  1. Happy Birthday to Ari as well--I remember caring for her in the nursery--she was a precious little girl. May God protect her and bless her as she grows up!

  2. Love your heart! Thank you for sharing!! Helps hearing this again right now!
    Love you!
    Lynn :)