Sunday, March 6, 2011

8 months seizure free

Libi's seizure free run came to an end this morning at 4AM. It wasn't pretty, it never is. This was her 2nd grand maul seizure. Her last one like this was back on June 4th. Libi has been adjusting since January to a change in medication. This change has caused her to have some mild catatonic seizure activity. Basicly, if you blink you could miss it. At the onset of these episodes I became quite discouraged and fearful because she had been doing so well. The Lord reminded me that it was Him that we trust in and not medications! So, here we are today, not discouraged that she had a seizure, but rejoicing that the Lord has been victorious and allowed for her sweet body to be free of this reign of seizures for 8 months! All glory to God! hallelujah!!!!!!!

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