Sunday, March 6, 2011

Temple Grandin

We watched an amazing movie tonight. It was the story of Temple Grandin, a brilliant young woman coping with the stigma of autism at a time when it was misunderstood. Early in the movie Temple's mother is told that Temple I'll never speak, or improve and recommends institutionalizing her. Her mother, refusing to accept the doctor's prognosis for her precious child, pushes her to be and achieve more than anyone felt she could do. With the support of her loving family, Temple dedicates herself to learning and becoming a famed animal behaviorist, receiving a masters and PHD. This movie is a must see for all families.

Favorite line from the movie: "Different does not mean less!"

As I write this, my little girl, who we were told would never sit up is walking around in her walker having the time of her life! No limits with Jesus!

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  1. We are supposed to receive that movie from Netflix tomorrow, I've heard great things and am looking forward to watching it!!