Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Night Out For the Grown-Ups

Yes...Brad and I got out of the house tonight! This really is a rare occurrence and we were looking forward to it. This wasn't a late night run to grab a gallon of milk, or pull ups....this was a legitimate date. We even had the privilege to dress up for it. Good-bye 147million t-shirt and yoga pants, I'm leaving you behind for purple taffeta tonight!

Libi was angry that I had on a pretty dress and she did not.
Haddie wondered where my pants were.
Joel thought I should have gotten a spray tan.
When Brad walked through the door and saw me all dressed and beautiesque Jack thought he should have asked me if I was going to get ready....
Jacob was speechless when I told him this was the dress I was wearing for his prom!

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful mama!!! So happy you guys found time to go out, alone...on a REAL date :) Too fun!