Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Thank The Lord, the sutures are coming out!

This really has been a long 3 weeks! And that's coming from the one who does not have her tongue sewn to the roof of her mouth and drinking through a syringe! I cannot imagine how good it will feel to Haddie when she can talk and eat again. Someone suggested we "ease" back in to talking, letting her just take a few hours to freely speak. if you know Haddie, that might be a good idea!

Thursday afternoon they will remove the remaining sutures from the tongue. We are trusting that God will allow enough tissue for closure on the openings in her palette. Please join us in our petition to the Great Physician.

Haddie will also undergo some minor reconstruction of her nose during the procedure. She of course is a bit nervous, but wanted Maggie to come along this time, so we feel that will help.

Thank you so much for prayers, notes, prizes, love and support for our sweet Haddie Hope! Will keep you posted...

The smiles haven't been as frequent on her face, but I am sure they will return!

I went into the girls' room the other day and saw this.

These are Haddie's little Minnie Mouse dolls. It struck a chord deep inside me, how she has that baby Minnie all wrapped in the mama Minnie's arms. Up until now Haddie has faced procedures, illnesses, hard things without a family, without a mother. Being an orphan typically leaves you to navigate those circumstances alone.

No one is with you in the hospital,
no one sleeps by your side as you recover.
No one.
No one.

Haddie no longer faces the hard things in life alone. This little girl who so fiercely rejected me in our early days together, had a deep need to be loved by a mama, and from the looks of things I think in her little heart it has been realized.

Glory to God!!!!!!! May He continue to set the lonely in families...

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