Tuesday, March 5, 2013

These are the days of our tongue flap...

The title of this blog entry seemed fitting to me, as it seems some days my life can be like a soap opera. Not that I am "watching" a soap, feet propped up, with bon bons by my side, but I am actually "in" the soap opera. Because let's face it, who has ever seen such a thing as a tongue flap? But even beyond that, who has ever seen a child endure a procedure such as this the way Haddie has? We are sitting in the middle of unbelievable folks, beyond the unbelievable of a soap opera!

All praise to our God for His abundant healing hand that has rested on Haddie! Obviously there have been hard and sad moments, but she has persevered with God's strength. It seems we may be over the worst, although I realize the next 16 days may be long at times. 

Yesterday she spoke for the first time. I believe the swelling had subsided enough making that easier for her. She was also able to take more fluids, which helped. As of yesterday she was down 5 pounds. That's a lot for a little girl like Haddie. 

HOWEVER...today she is UP 2 POUNDS FROM YESTERDAY!!!!!! Our rejoicing is great, and once again we thank you for lifting us up on our journey. Stay tuned...
In the Hospital...still smiling!!!!

trying out the syringe for the first time

Leaving the hospital...Mercy Hospital...
Isaiah 42:5
"Do not be afraid for I am with you..."
How this verse became a truth from God's Word that she can now grasp on a whole new level!

Welcomed home to MUCH love!!!
Frist dinner at home...mashed potatoes...
Hanging with her best friend...
Watching a movie...
Little Hello Kitty fans!
Last night enjoying a very yummy dinner.
This was the first time she wanted to join us in the kitchen to eat so we kept it casual.
It was a HUGE obstacle overcome as most meal times up to this point left her feeling sad, in another room, with someone trying to keep her distracted.
thanks Jill!!!!

Hanging out this morning, watching the snow fall...

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