Friday, September 7, 2012

Another long, yet blessed day

It is just 2:00 p.m. here, but I wanted to update now while Maggie is asleep. Yes, the girl is wiped out! Haddie is doing school and Maggie is snoring away beside me.

Written on the notepad next to Maggie's leg are words she copied from Haddie's reading book. She enjoyed when I would "grade" her work with a star or smiley face.

We ended up having a nice dinner at a Thai/Korean Barbecue restaurant called "Cow and Bridge". I hoped to dine somewhere special for Jacob's birthday, and this place met my expectation. Ordering a variety of dishes I was surprised to see that Maggie enjoyed the spiciest dish most.

Upon our return to the room, this greeted us.

I thought for sure Brad had outdone himself once again and sent Jacob a cake for his birthday, but it was not from Brad. The hotel had sent it. The cake itself was held inside the outer box of chocolate. Quite delicious!

Haddie is hanging in there. She was fighting tears a little while ago, feeling frustrated that she needs to keep up with school work. One of the funniest moments with her so far was the other day when perusing through a Chinese/English book she attempted to say something in Chinese. It came out like, "Ching Jing Jang...blah, blah, blah." Maggie thought it was quite funny as well.

Maggie continues to come out of her shell. We have had some healthy moments of pushing boundaries. She continues to want to do everything I am doing. After I used my cleanser to wash my face, she was right there wanting to do the same. She even attempted to curl her eyelashes this morning.

As far as language, she has been a bit more of a parrot today, quietly mimicking and repeating. We hear a lot of "Oh" and Oh wow!" Today at breakfast a newly adopted 12 year old girl was sporting a fancy frock of frills, and Maggie was quite taken with it. She looked at me and said, "Mom, Oh wow!" So, after breakfast we went shopping!

This is the dress she chose. Enough said, right?

Of course we got one for the other princesses in the Arnold house too. Haddie didn't want to try hers on...but has decided these will be perfect to wear for Easter!

This little button below has become one of my favorite things here. Simply light the switch with the lady and the broom and leave the room. When you return to the room it is clean and tidy! Brad, can you install one of these while I am gone?


  1. Please ask Brad to have one installed at my house, too, while he is at it! So glad all is going so well. Glad to hear you are beginning to unlock the food issue. Praising Jesus that she is attaching to you! What a blessing. I will pray for Haddie. I know how long it gets being away from home. Looking forward to your homecoming!

  2. Amy, please have Brad tell Tim to get one for me too. What a great idea!!!!! So thankful for your good reports. You're in our prayers.

  3. Ok, so the boys are loving all the updates...I have to tell you what Seth said. "Mom, I wish we were doing Flat Stanley right now...Miss Amy could take him to China!" They don't get to see you much, but your family has made a huge impression on them! Love that I can use your story to teach my kids! So happy for you my friend! Love ya!

  4. How cute is Maggie in her frilly dress! Can't wait to see all your girls at Easter! And poor Haddie, I wouldn't want to do homework either, bummer. ;) Lastly, add my name to the list for the cleaning fairy!! I need one, badly. Continuing to pray for you!

  5. Love your updates. Love the dress Maggie picked. Thankful things are going so well!!

  6. Amy,Thanks for sharing! I have so enjoyed seeing how you all are doing. You and your family bless me in your love for one another. Maggie seems delightful! Mae was excited that Haddie was in China with her new sister. Tell Haddie "Hi" from Mae. hugs!!! - Shelly