Saturday, September 8, 2012

Medical Clinic and other little happenings

Last night we decided to dine at an Irish Pub of all places. We were warmly greeted by our Irish host, who had a thick Irish accent. He escorted us to our table, and as Jacob and I sat down we felt at home. The ambience of the restaurant felt familiar, and it delivered comfort to us feeling a bit connected to home. As we opened the menu, the comfort continued to wash over us. We could actually discern what the dishes were without the need of pictures or translation!

Maggie and Haddie enjoyed their apple juice!

This was my dinner selection of fish and chips. It was decided when we return this meal could easily be divided between the girls and myself!

Jacob enjoying his burger!

The girls do wonderful at bedtime. They like the routine of brushing teeth, getting into PJs and cuddling with mom. Maggie is a terrific sleeper. She seems to be quite cozy nestled in between her mama and big sis!

Maggie likes to take pictures with my camera. Here are a few shots she took this morning:

I did not turn these upside down.

Serious? Too cute!!!!

Got it turned the right way!

She told Haddie to make the "peace" sign.

One of the great gifts of JOY since being here was this morning at breakfast. As we were walking to our table I passed this little honey with her mama and baba. I recognized her right away. Her name is Claire, and she was at New Day foster home with Libi. She has been an extremely sick little girl over the last few years, and we have spent many a night praying her through! I was struck with emotion, and continue to process seeing this MIRACLE begin the journey with her family!!! What a gift!

Beautiful girlies!

This picture is for daddy. She already knows how to use the "pouchy lip". It is not working on mama so much, but pretty sure it will work on daddy!

Happy Haddie, waiting for her sister to finish her exam.

So the medical exam, I really don't understand the necessity of it. They check vitals, vision, hearing, height and weight. Then there is an overall exam by a doctor. The doctor kept trying to straighten Maggie's left leg. I got so tickled, I was laughing out loud, and so was Maggie. After the doctor left the room I started my own exam on Maggie. We were hysterical!

She had to have a TB test and was brave, but she did not like that it bled. She kept holding her arm up to me wanting me to wipe away the blood and going me the "pouchy lip". Haddie and I felt bad for her.

After the medical exam was complete we went to Sun-yat-sen Memorial Hall. Our guide compared the memorial to our Statue of Liberty and Sun-yat-sen to George Washington. It was Sun-yat-sen who ended the reign of the Ming dynasty and paved the way to China becoming a republic.

The girls resting in squat position.

Chinese cowboy. That was a whole other story! As Jacob said, not everyday you see one of these!

Happy girl to be at KFC!

First hand in hand walk with her big brother...priceless!

Doing school...

Eating chips! Is there any other way to do school?

She loves to copy out of books. I think her handwriting is pretty neat!

I was also excited to see that she knows some multiplication. She is working on it right now and doing great!

Maggie is quite the parrot, repeating everything. Today when we were going through a Chinese/English picture book she made the mistake of beating me to some of the English words. It became apparent she knows more English than she's been letting on. I began to tease her about it and the giggles struck, there was then no turning back!

Tomorrow we will travel to Shaman Island, where we stayed when adopting Haddie and Libi. There are little shops, and a pearl market, so it will be a full day.

Again, I greatly rejoice in the Lord's goodness to us. His plan is filled with good things for His children!


  1. Sounds like you're having a very full experience. Love Sun-yet-sen; I used our pic of Samantha sitting at that same spot in our adoption scrapbook and wrote something having to do w/ her being free. Also I'm very interested to follow Maggie's leg situation since Dave had a birth defect with his arm that never got fixed (he can't straighten it, it's in permanent bent mode). Blessings and thanks for all the wonderful pics! Saw your hubby at CCA picnic the other night and he seems to be doing well.

  2. Another great day! We always look forward to your posts! :)