Sunday, September 9, 2012

Pushing the boundaries

Last night we dined at a Mexican place called Tequila. Jacob and I enjoyed it, but the girls struggled with the menu. I didn't realize that we were entering the "pushing the boundaries" phase of the process, but we were. Can you hear the twilight zone music playing?

After trying 3 different dishes from the menu, and none of them meeting Maggie's approval, I clued into what might be happening. She ended up eating Haddie's meal, which Haddie thought was too spicy. Needless to say, it ended up being our priciest meal yet!

Dish number one...

As I mentioned before, Maggie sleeps well, but I believe last night exhausted her. She fell asleep at 6:30, and despite our best efforts we could not wake her. She ended up sleeping until 6:45 this morning.

We have been working on using some basic English words to eliminate some of the grunting, pulling and whining. At first she resists, but soon complies to what I am asking.

Each day her breakfast choice remains the same: bacon, ham, sausage, and congee. Today she mixed it up a bit and threw in a croissant.

The daily ritual of feeding the fish after breakfast continues to provide a good 30 minutes of entertainment. I will take anything that allows time to tick away on the clock!

Haddie and Jacob are real troopers. I cannot say enough about how proud I am of both of them, and so thankful they are here to help their old mom! Jacob is having his fill of "girl", and I expect he will hibernate with his brothers for a few days when we return home!

Maggie will certainly need some dental work. I am almost positive one tooth is rotting out of her head. She wanted to have gum today, and about 30 seconds in to the chewing she handed me a tooth. I really hope it was a baby tooth, but honestly I don't know.

We went shopping on Shaman Island today. It was an area we were familiar with, due to our previous visits here for Haddie's and Libi's adoptions.

Haddie enjoyed looking at the beaded bracelets. She was patient.

If you look at Maggie's face you can see she was less than thrilled and not exactly patient.

Most of our time has been spent at the hotel. When we go out for meals, Maggie is quieter. When we head back toward our hotel she becomes excited. It is clear that our room brings security and comfort to her.

So, today when we were away from the hotel, and literally dragging her into shops, it didn't go too well. I didn't handle the situation perfectly, but we survived! By the time we hit Subway for lunch she was coming back around, and even shared her chips with me. That was huge, because the girl loves her chips and I really wasn't feeling the "I like my new mommy" vibe!

Back at the hotel we did school work, and she completed her multiplication facts 1-10 without missing any. I really should have brought along worksheets for Maggie. She has ended up completing some of Haddie's!

We are just relaxing now before dinner. Tomorrow we will go to have Maggie's TB test read and head to the Safari Park. shopping definitely out of the question for the rest of the trip!

I am so homesick my eyes fill with tears as I type. Thanks for posting and messaging, it is such a comfort to feel the connection to home.

Talented girl!

Yes, be amazed!


  1. You and the kids are in our prayers daily. We are so inspired by your journey and seeing God using your family to fulfill His purpsose for Maggie is beautiful! You make going it without your husband look easy and boy do I need that reassurance as the next trip I will be without mine. Love you all!

  2. Love ya Amy and company and love getting the posts! Keeping you in our prayers as you continue this journey to bring Maggie home. Like me, Maggie is clearly more of a hunt and get versus a look around kind of shopper. I like the girl! :)

  3. You have some amazing kiddos!! I have enjoyed reading about your journey. I will continue to pray that things go smoothly, time flies, and you will be happily back with your family before you know it!!!

  4. Tis only for a season...praying your time goes quickly and said the same thing about Haddie and now look at her!!!! :) Someone would have to work at not loving you!!!

  5. Amy,
    I read your post yesterday morning, and we prayed for you as a family on our way to Macomb to see Josh. Feeling your lonliness and ready to be home. We prayed for the Lord to give you peace and joy in this part of your journey. That He would fill that lonely place in your heart. It should be Monday night over there, which means just a few more days. Hold steady my friend and try to enjoy these last few days in China. I am praying for Maggie to feel a sense of security when she leaves just because you are there with her. Olivia was much more content back at the hotel. You are right, there must be some sort of a felt safety there. It is her 1st real home, with a real family. Just think how blown away she is going to be when you take her back to her "real new home." I am not surprised about the meat she is eating for breakfast. Olivia would go from pan to pan in the breakfast buffet and pick out all kinds of meat. I think they like it, but didn't get much in the orphanage. Bummer that she doesn't want to shop. I am fairly certain that will change over time.(Smile) Hold fast my friend. This is just the beginning. God is going to continue to do "amazing things, beyond anything you ever hoped or imagined." The Davis ladies are counting down the days until your return when they get to meet their "new friend" in person. May the Lord Bless you and keep you. May the Lord make His Face shine upon you and give you peace.

    Grace & Peace,