Thursday, September 13, 2012

Last post from China!

Can I even begin to put into words how thrilled I am to be heading home? The only bad part, is I have to take a plane to get there! I hate flying! The Lord will once again be my peace and I will soon be home with my friends and family! What a day of rejoicing that will be!!!!

Sweet sister love!

Can you see the ornery mixed with the sweet?

Haddie, putting those big sister helping skills to work once again!

Our trip to the US Consulate was our final appointment before heading home. The most eventful part of it was having an opportunity to meet and thank one of the officers who helped us with out case int the final weeks before traveling. He was very apologetic that our process was so long.

The girl has had a couple of Big Mac attacks. What I love about watching her eat one is the pinky that is up in the air. I will say it again, she is ALL girl!

Yesterday afternoon was our most relaxing yet. The forecast was clear and sunny, so after our Consulate appointment I declared it a pool day for all of us. Maggie has gained enough comfort level, with me and the water, that I was able to relax in the cabana for awhile with my Bible! It was much needed time, and little did I know it would equip me for the battle I faced today.

My views from where I sat...

Haddie is extremely patient with Maggie, and I think this picture shows how much can be required.

Today was one of my hardest with Maggie. She locked down with me in a fairly significant battle. After abut a 3 hour standoff we arrived on the other side. Poor Jacob and Haddie. It was not the most enjoyable time of the trip. I ended up sending them to McDonald's for a break, they deserved it. HA! HA! Also, Jacob became even more knowledgable for his own parenting years.

For her best interest, we will need to keep Maggie on a "look, but don't touch" policy for awhile. Remembering that everyone she is meeting in her life right now is on the same playing field, and we will need time to establish healthy relationship boundaries. She will be meeting her daddy and many friends and family all within a matter of hours. It is vital to her attachment process that she be able to distinguish a difference within these first few months. So, the hugs and "I loves you's" will need to be held at bay, but feel free to lavish them on the rest of us!!!

Thank you for praying us through the last two weeks, and encouraging us on the journey. My words will never adequately express all it means. Trusting the Lord to deliver us to US soil tomorrow! Our flight will land in Chicago, but we will swing out to Blm/Nrml airport around 5:30 for a short celebration for anyone who can join us.

Much love and many blessings,


  1. Can't wait! We are counting the days, now hours, until you are home! May the peace of God cover all of you and may it be an uneventful trip! See you in Bloomington! Thank you, Jesus!

  2. My boys are currently telling me to type see you soon baboon! Of course we love you and I know you understand boys!!! Praying for your travel. Love, Crystal

  3. Amy,
    WOW how fun for me to look at your blog and see this beautiful little girl! I didn't even know you were traveling!!!! Welcome Home!