Monday, September 3, 2012

What we have learned so far....

MORE, so much MORE than I imagined! It is 3:19 AM (we are 13 hours ahead of you there) and I am wide awake, talking to the Lord about my amazing new girl!
She loves her mama. All praise to You, Lord. If I step into the bathroom, or living room, she has to come with me. She kept touching my necklace that I have been wearing for the last 3 months that says, "mama" in Chinese. We snuggled up in bed for sleep tonight like we had been for years! She allowed me to bathe, put lotion, and dress her. Actually, didn't just allow, but welcomed it with great JOY! I had both of the girls in the tub and got them out, all bundled on their towels. I was trying to warm them up, and while I was cuddling Haddie, she said, "mom, I'm okay, take care of Maggie."
Haddie is amazing! She gets that my attention needs to be somewhere else and at times redirects me to Maggie from her.
I am not sure if we have pictures or video of it, but when Maggie walks out of the room for the first time, Haddie was holding my phone which had Brad, Joel and Jack on Skype. Well, Haddie broke down and was just sobbing! Then, Mr.Amazing Jacob stepped in!!! Oh my, I could hear him talking her through it and comforting her. She was so overcome with emotion over her sister! It was such a beautiful thing!
Jacob is amazing, as I said, he truly has been my ROCK, my man child in many ways. It has been comforting to have him here with me, and be my voice of stability. I was clinging to his arm just before Maggie came out, and I think he thought I was going to lose my mind, if I hadn't already! :)
Maggie Grace is:
* thoughtful and kind. If she gets her water, she gets someone else's. If she takes a chip she insists you have one too, to the point of shoving it in your mouth! Haddie finds this very funny. Haddie will continue to say "no thank you" and the next thing you know she has chips crammed in her mouth!
* delicate and dainty. The way she holds things with her little finger up in the air. Her fingers are long and thin. Food was a bit of a stopping point tonight that brought sadness. Jacob and I tried everything. Finally at bedtime she munched on a pear. Of course, she got a pear for Haddie as well, who really struggles with eating fruit that is not cut, but Haddie knew if she didn't start eating that thing "someone" would shove it down her throat!
* puts on her shoes every time she goes to the bathroom. That may be for support. Her gait is pretty funky. I am not totally sure what is going on, but honestly, I don't care. That will all get figured out with time. She does not need much assistance, we will see how long periods of walking go for her.
We will head to do all the final adoption paperwork tomorrow morning, and then go to a Walmart type store. I will keep everyone posted. I cannot thank you enough for praying us through this journey, and now it's TRUE beginning. God has done a beautiful thing and it is marvelous in our eyes!!!!!

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  1. oh my goodness.. I am overcome with joy for all of you. I've been praying for this day for you for so long. Soak it up my sweet friend...I LOVE this pic of you and the girls. AMAZING !!! grateful Jacob is there for ya'll. Keep the posts coming...will be praying. much love to you. lisa