Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Giggles and Grins

I lay here typing this, with two little giggly girls next to me, and as the bed jiggles with their laughter I feel it sums up this day. It has been a relaxing day, and Maggie has grown more comfortable and secure. With that security has come joy. I am keeping this post short and sweet, because mama is tired!

Tomorrow we will travel to the orphanage and possibly meet Maggie's foster family. We will celebrate Jacob's 18th and Maggie's 9 th birthday, which will make me miss Brad, Joel,Jack, and Libi even more!!!

Thank you for your prayers. Know that your comments and emails are water to my soul as I cling to them daily as a connection to home!

Thanks and praise to God our Father who lavishes good gifts on us, His children!


  1. Great, now I have one more female vote for McDonald's. Libi will be so happy that her sister shares her love for the yellow clown.

    Happy Birthday to my most excellent son and beautiful new daughter. We miss you all!

  2. LOVE to read your posts, Amy! Thanks for sharing your joy!

  3. Such sweet pictures of the girls in their matching jammies!! ;) Continuing to pray for you all!

  4. Love seeing joy from the LORD overflow on your faces!
    Glad to see she's eating some even if it is french fries! Potatoes have some nutritional value, right? :)
    Praying for your day tomorrow at the orphanage, that the Lord would give you eyes to see and hear more of Maggie's story.

  5. Happy Birthay to Jacob and Maggie from the Davis family! It is so funny that she is eating french fries. That is one of the things that Olivia would eat when we were in China. She also ate buckets (literally) of noodles, (like ramen ones). So glad to see the laughter on your girls faces. It reminds me of our experience with my girls. Oh, how many giggle the 4 of them will have togther. I guess I should say 5 with Libi, too!

  6. Amy-
    Such beautiful daughters you have! You are one blessed Mama. It fills me with such joy and delight to see all the darling pictures and to hear the peace and joy in your words as I read the posts. All praise to Him.
    Love to you.
    Melissa Waterson

  7. Amy,
    Love reading your blog and seeing the pictures! Your daughters (and son) look joyful and I can just imagine your joy as well! Happy Birthday to your two kiddos! Can't wait to see all of you!!!!

  8. Jacob - Happy Birthday, dude!
    Maggie - Happy Birthday from your new auntie! I can't wait to see your beautiful smile in person!!
    Haddie - You are so beautiful, inside and out. It makes me so proud to see you being such a wonderful sister to Maggie. I love you very much!
    Amy - Praying without ceasing for you my sweet sister! You are amazing!

  9. What a delight to see those 2 little girls together! They are so precious and so blessed. We will continue to pray for you Amy. We are sure it will be a wonderful reunion when you all get back together again! These adopted children are such a blessing. Ray and I say that to each other often!! Love your heart!! Ray and Marcia